Why Feminists Ruin Everything

From Harry Potter to Agatha Christie, feminism makes us realize how problematic our favourite childhood reads and movies truly were.

As a feminist creator and insatiable consumer of stories in different formats, I am constantly trying to answer two questions: Can we critique the things we love? And can we love the things we critique?

Join me as I dissect, appreciate, and possibly ruin old and new pop culture favourites with my feminist angst. If you have a book, podcast, movie, or series I should write about, let me know!

Aishwarya Javalgekar is a feminist storyteller on a mission to create stories that matter.

She has been studying the intersections of media, gender, and culture for the last 10 years. Her writing (nonfiction, fiction and poetry) has been published in over 30 magazines and platforms.

She edits books, produces podcasts and mentors creators for a living. As the Creative Director at Bound, she specializes in creating stories that have depth and perspective, and lead to real impact.

When she’s not working, she gets competitive over board games, drinks alarming amounts of coffee, and colours her hair.

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Ruining pop culture with feminist angst


Aishwarya (she/her) is a feminist researcher, writer, book editor, and podcast producer. She focuses on creating stories that can lead to real impact: uncovering new perspectives and taking underrepresented narratives to a wider audience.